Material & Standard Chosen
Technical Support

The variety of materials and standards gives us the chance to prove our knowledge at steel and materials used for different applications, and the standards of each material processing, treatment and finishing.

Processing & Treatment

Most of our tube products are subject to
treatments before they have processed further. In order to relieve you from this extra handling, we offer a wide variety of processing and treatments. This ensures a quicker production process for you and a reduction of time and cost.

Testing & Inspection
Quality control

We can carry out non-destructive material tests and inspections for our customers. The most common destructive inspection is the 3.2 inspection under of other inspection agency.

Logistical Services
Follow up orders

Logistics services and stock control are two of our core activities. Keeping comprehensive, in-depth stocks of steel pipes, pipe components and valves is not an end in itself. Our business is all about getting these products to the right place at the right time in the right way. In order to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Online Services
Support team

For your convenient we offer 20 hours 7 days a week online services and technical support, common pricing, logistic tracking and more service available

Technical Support
Support team

We offer you technical information and documentation about out products, such as conversion table norms and steel grades and static values of tubes.