Copper Nickel C71500 is also known as 70/30 Alloy because it contains 70% copper, 30% nickel alloy with additions of Fe and Mn which make it’s resistant to corrosion and erosion. C71500 has higher nickel content than that of C70600, making it has better corrosion resistance for marine application, which assures a long and reliable service life for parts in these conditions.

Copper Nickel C71500 Specifications:

Sheet / Plate / Strip: ASTM B 171, ASTM B122, ASTM B432, SAE J463, J461
Seamless Pipe / Tube:  ASTM B466, ASTM B111
Welded Pipe / Tube:  SME SB467, ASTM B608, ASTM B543
Round / Flat bar: ASTM B122, B151
Wire: AMS 4725, ASTM B197, SAE J463, J461

Chemical Composition:


Ni + Co








1.0 max



 Mechanical Properties:

Density  lb/in³ 0.303
Electrical Conductivity% IACS at 68°F 4.6
Thermal Conductivity (btu/°F) 56
Elongation at Break, % 10
Melting Temperature °F 2140-2265o F
Tensile Strength ksi 45-52
Yield Strength 0.2% offset ksi 18
Elongation 27
Hardness (HB) 80-120


C71500 Copper Nickel Alloy is typically used in areas where need high temperatures and pressures combined with high velocity and turbulence.

Chemical processing application condensers and boiler parts, heat exchanger components, process equipment, refrigerators, propeller sleeves, ferrules, heat exchanger tubes, evaporator tubes, distiller tubes, condenser plates, flexible metal hose, pump impellers, welding backing rings, valve bodies and fittings.