ASTM A210 for medium -carbon steel boiler and superheater tubes .
This standard covers tubes 1/2 inch to 5 inch (12.7~127) mm
with thickness 0.035 inch to 0.5 inch (0.9~12.7) mm
A210 tubes shall be made by the seamless process and shall be either hot-finished or cold finished.
Hot-finished tubes need not be heat treat.
Cold-finished tubes shall be heat treated after the final cold -finished tubes shall be given a subcritical anneal , a full anneal, or a normalizing heat treatment after the final cold finishing process.
For surface condition if pickling or shot blasting or both are required , this shall be specifically stated in the order.
A210 steel pipe should be test according to ASTM standard
ASTM A450/A450M


It is used for boiler and boiler flue tubes, including safe end, vault and supporting tube, and superheater.

Chemical & Mechanical Property:

CSiMnP , S
ASTM A210 Gr.A-1Max 0.27Min 0.10Max 0.93Max 0.035
ASTM A210 Gr. CMax 0.35Min 0.100.29 ~ 1.06Max 0.035
Tensile Strength, MpaYield Strength, MpaElongation, Mpa
ASTM A210 Gr.A-1Min 415Min 255Min 30
ASTM A210 Gr. CMin 485Min 275Min 30

Product Range:

Out Diameter: 1/2 inch to 5 inch (12.7~127) mm
Wall Thickness: 0.035 inch to 0.5 inch (0.9~12.7) mm
Length: 1 m to 15 m
Capacity: 50 Ton/Month
MOQ: 1 Ton